About Us

Our Mission

Wind Horses Collection is a small, globally conscious business focused on cultivating the culture of giving in people around the world through its handmade Wind Horses Prayer Flags and other unique, handcrafted items.

Who We Are

Wind Horses Collection was founded by Don Hunter, a research ecologist that studied snow leopards in Central Asia.  The people and culture of prayer flags touched him.  He brought prayer flags to his home in Colorado and became passionate about spreading their message of giving.  To this end, he created Wind Horse Prayer Flags as a means to unite the culture of giving found in all faith traditions.

A Message from Our Founder 

Dear Customer, 

Wind Horses Collection is an e-commerce site that features prayer flags uniquely designed to blend Eastern and Western traditions of giving. Originally from the heart of Asia, prayer flags are one of the oldest forms of giving in the world. For thousands of years, in many parts of Asia, prayer flags have been used as a physical conduit for sending prayers and good wishes into the world. My work in Asia exposed me to the people and places of prayer flags. These colorful and lively instruments of giving touched me.  I became drawn to the idea of spreading prayer flags far and wide, especially here in the West.  

I started the Wind Horses “Collection” site to sell the Wind Horses flags and other related products so that I could give away flags. Each set of Wind Horses flags are meant to spread good. So, my goal is to give away as many flags as I can afford.  Donations go directly to sending free flags. Look for periodic updates and features about the people and organizations that receive free flags. Other products we add to this site will be carefully selected to compliment the ideas that support Wind Horses.  

Flying Wind Horses Prayer Flags makes you feel better and makes the world a better place.  I hope you enjoy this site and enjoy your experience “Flying the Horses.”  


Don Hunter