Artisans & Staff

Meet the incredible team and artisans behind Wind Horses Collection! We're a small business, so everyone listed here is instrumental to our success and deserves a great deal of credit for their hard work and commitment. Each team member has their own unique skills, and we're excited to share their background with you!

Meet Don - Our Founder


As a research ecologist, my study of the endangered snow leopard requires travel to the remote mountain ranges of Central Asia. In these mountains, working with the local people, I came to appreciate Hindu and Buddhist traditions. I especially loved the colorful prayer flags that adorned villages and special places. They spoke to me. And as horse lover I was naturally drawn to Lung Ta, or Wind Horse flag that uses an iconic horse to carry prayers and good wishes to all the world.

I brought prayer flags to my world in Colorado where they always fly above my home. They enhance my meditation and their lively, colorful wafting in the wind always makes me smile. A few years ago, I became curious as to why prayer flags were not more commonly used by western cultures. In a dream, I saw them flying all around the world. My dream led me to believe that prayer flags are not well understood in the west. Perhaps, I thought, they need a more contemporary introduction. A new design. An origin story for the west. 

Fast forward five years. Here is the new website, a newly designed Wind Horses Prayer Flag, a Wind Horses novel, and a growing list of products that hold to the theme of overall goodness. My goal in this site is to offer a collection of carefully vetted products that support the site and allow me to give flags to others--my way of giving back for the grace of a blessed life.  My hope is that “Flying the Horses” makes the world a better place.

Meet Holly - Our Operations Manager & Design Specialist


Our Operations Manager and Design Specialist, Holly, is responsible for the creation, design, and maintenance of the Wind Horses Collection website as well as most of the back end operations (customer service, order management, etc.) as well as leads the design process for new items. She also handles some of our marketing operations such as our newsletter and our promotional materials. With her previous experience with the e-commerce management of UPAVIM Crafts and Alternatives Global Marketplace, we knew she was a perfect fit for helping Wind Horses Collection begin its journey! When not in the office, Holly spends most of her free time writing, volunteering, or in the great outdoors!

Meet Ben - Our Photographer 

Our photographer, Ben, takes all of our product and lifestyle images, and trust us (or take a look for yourself), they are stunning! Ben is a filmmaker and photographer and has worked as a camera operator for X Games.  He is the in-house editor for the 5Point Film Festival.  Recently, he filmed a group of scientists on a snow leopard research study in Mongolia. Ben has a passion for the outdoors and conservation. He hopes to use storytelling skills to produce films and photos that promote the common good.

Meet Carolyn - Our Mandala Artisan


Carolyn started drawing mandalas in grade school. "Of course, I didn’t know that they were mandalas, but rather fun geometric drawings that calmed me and made me happy. Later came doilies, Dream Catchers, and bead crochet.  Like music, mandalas transcend language, time, and culture."

She gifted mandalas to friends who liked them and decided to make some to share. Each of her mandalas are different and named for its emotive character.

"I love making them and I hope you choose one that lightens your spirit and soothes your soul."

Meet the Nepalese Artisans of Samyak International - Our Prayer Flag Artisans

Wind Horses Collection works with local Nepalese artisans to create our beautiful, handmade Wind Horses Prayer Flags. Our artisans use traditional printing techniques (going back hundreds of years) to block-print the flags on cotton fabric. Each set of prayer flags you receive was made with personal care and tradition.