Flying the Horses

Wind Horses Collection is a small, globally conscious business focused on growing a culture of giving through our handmade Wind Horses Prayer Flags and other unique items. 

Essentially, the Wind Horses “Collection” site was started to sell our unique Wind Horses Prayer Flags and other self-designed, related products so that we could give away flags. Each set of Wind Horses Prayer Flags are meant to spread prayers and good wishes to all the world. So, our goal is to give away as many flags as we can afford. 

Thus, our tagline, "Flying the Horses", was born. "Flying the Horses" means to fly our prayer flags in the name of hope, inspiration, and thanksgiving.  We encourage both our customers and those gifted our flags take a picture of their flags and post it to their social medias with the hashtag #flyingthehorses. Using these photos, we have created a gallery that truly represents what it means to "Fly the Horses." 

If you would like to be featured in our gallery, please consider posting a picture of your Wind Horses Prayer Flags with the hashtag #flyingthehorses