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What inspired our founder, Don Hunter, to create Wind Horses Collection?

Once I had the idea of a Wind Horses Prayer Flag, I thought to introduce them through an origin story, a novel that plausibly features the flags in a conceivable place and time in history. The story line spins about Eastern traditions, the spirit of the old West, wind, horses, goodness, and cowboys.

Prayer flags were featured graphics in my book about the snow leopard: Snow Leopard: Stories from the Roof of the WorldThe book is a collection of heartfelt stories by the people who have personally connected with one of the world's rarest big cats.  My book caused me to critically examine my connection to the snow leopard and its world. Asia fascinated me. The snow leopard intrigued and challenged me. High remote places touched me. And the depth of tradition found in Buddhism and Hinduism reshaped my way of thinking and living. I re-attuned my life to these faith traditions and found that they did not detract from my inner faith in God, but rather, strengthened it.

After years of study into the history and meaning of prayer flags and cowboy of the old West, I concluded both are fluid concepts that have changed and will continue to change through time. I convinced myself that it was OK to frame both into a story of my own making so long as I honor the organic truths of both. To compliment a Wind Horses Collection, a Wind Horses novel came to life.

An excerpt from his new novel, Wind Horses - COMING SOON! 

Rusty, a young cowboy, must ramrod an epic cattle drive across 1000 miles of wild frontier. A gang of outlaws led by two God-less killers are hell-bent to end the drive with Rusty's gruesome death.       

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