A New Year of ..

Warmest greetings in 2022.  Many look to the new year with hope and renewed spirit. This year, it seems especially apt to celebrate the namesake of January, the Greek god Janus.  A god of new beginnings, and a god of duality, having two faces that could see behind and ahead.  Unlike Janus, we cannot see the world behind and ahead simultaneously.  Each person must choose to look backward or look forward and choose what we see in either direction. 


The Wind Horses team sends sincerest best wishes that you see in the year ahead a time of wonder and good fortune. 


Fly the Horses or gift them, and please consider posting your Wind Horses Prayer Flags or mandalas on your own feed with #flyingthehorses and be sure to tag @windhorsescollection   


Picture:  flyingthehorses and sending prayers and blessings in Cornwall


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