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Back Story Books Coming Soon,


The books to the back story of Wind Horses and the Wind Horses Collection are ready to publish.  We are excited to let you know they will soon be available on Amazon, Draft2Digital, and IngramSpark.  Blog and media posts lapsed due to the unexpected time and work needed to ready two books for Amazon.  Whew! Both books will be available in hardback, paperback, and ebook.  And all versions will include a free set of Wind Horses Prayer Flags with each purchase (S&H only).


Unless your name is Rowling or Patterson, authors today must do a great deal more than write the book.  Anyone can post a book on Amazon, but getting it in the hands of the right audience requires authors to navigate in the world of “Algorithms.”  More this as we get closer to a release date.  In the meantime, please visit our website for a description of the books:    https://windhorsescollection.com/collections/books


On the pictures, the Wind Horses novel features a cattle drive from Las Vegas, New Mexico to Livingston, Montana (map).  The storyline leads to an epic event at the Little Bighorn River (second pic). 


Fly the Horses or gift them, and please consider posting your Wind Horses Prayer Flags or mandalas on your own feed with #flyingthehorses and be sure to tag @windhorsescollection   


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