Hanging Wind Horses Prayer Flags

Flying the Horses – Hanging Your Prayer Flags

 I’m often asked how to hang Wind Horses Prayer Flags.  In reverence to the Eastern connections to our flag design we adopted Eastern directions.  When hanging them from a high point the blue flag should be on top.  And when hanging horizontally the blue flag should be to the left.  Outside flags are meant to slowly tatter as the wind carries forth prayers and good wishes atop the Wind Horses. Very tattered flags should be replaced with newer ones.  Old flags should be burned.  At my home I like to fly them where they catch the eye inside and outside.  Once hung or unfurled, send forth prayers and blessings as you wish. On road trips I send blessings from each new place by flying them from above our vehicle.  Our flags are packaged to accompany you anywhere in the world. Enjoy and happy springtime.


Fly the Horses or gift them, and please post your Wind Horses Prayer Flags or mandalas on your own feed with #flyingthehorses and be sure to tag @windhorsescollection   

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