Somthing About Wind


Like horses, east and west share many connections to wind.  The first comes from the pure physical aspect of wind as the mover of air currents around the planet.  Wind creates weather, soil, and quite literally sculpts the diverse environments that sustain life.  Wind is uniquely global, unseen, and free to all.  Go outside, take a deep breath and imagine who breathed the same air just a few weeks ago on the other side of the world. 


From the dawn of time, the power of the wind has not gone unnoticed.  In virtually all cultures and faiths, wind gods emerged.  Native American tribes are steeped in stories and lore that acknowledge wind as the “breath of the universe.”  For example, for Navajo Nil’chi, or holy wind, informs all life.  They advise, when Nil’chi enters your life listen carefully, for guidance and transformation are forthcoming. 


Vayu for the Hindu, Boreas, Notus, Eurus, and Zephyrus for the Greek, Fujn Japanese, and on it goes.  Zephyrus, god of the gentle west wind fathered Zanthos and Balius, two immortal horses.  These two “Sons of the Wind” were gifted to Achilles.  Mythical horses sired by a god of wind.  It is within and around the myth and power of horse and wind that framed our Wind Horses brand.


For Wind Horses, we started with Lung ta, or Wind Horse, that eastern traditions believe capable of riding the wind to deliver prayers and blessing to all the world.  We added a second horse, Zephyr, a wild mustang also of the wind, the gentle west wind.  We joined them to magnify the power and goodness of the prayer flags they adorn.   Together, they carry goodness atop the wind to all space.  Please enjoy our prayer flags, and remember it is auspicious to gift them to others. 


Fly the Horses or gift them, and please consider posting your Wind Horses Prayer Flags or mandalas on your own feed with #flyingthehorses and be sure to tag @windhorsescollection.


 Our stickers and custom east-west incense just came on line this week.  Enjoy..



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