Thanksgiving and Beyond

Thanksgiving and Beyond

Thanksgiving brings into focus one day each year individual gratitude.  Gratitude comes from the Latin word gratia which means grace, thanks, favor.   Gratitude lifts the human spirit and recharges the wellspring of goodness in each of us.   Phycologists have known for some time that gratitude and happiness are strongly connected.  A thankful heart is a happy heart.  The common greeting “Happy Thanksgiving” acknowledges an ageless connection.  Wind Horses Collection  wishes everyone great blessings on this special day and invites you to “Fly the Horses” so that you can see every day throughout the year your prayers and blessings of gratitude.

Fly the Horses or gift them, and please consider posting your Wind Horses Prayer Flags or mandalas on your own feed with #flyingthehorses and be sure to tag @windhorsescollection   

 Many thanks and good wishes to all.


Pic: Grateful, happy brothers.

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